The right solution
for any project.
Supplier of PVC systems
and aluminum structures of any complexity.
The right solution
for any project
Supplier of PVC systems
and aluminum structures of any complexity

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PVC windows and doors
  • Durability. The material has high resistance to environmental factors, maintaining its properties and stability even at high and low temperatures. The lifespan of products is up to 50 years.
  • Energy efficiency. Thanks to modern manufacturing technologies and components, PVC windows and doors are characterized by high thermal and noise insulation, increasing efficiency and providing comfort.
  • Functionality. Depending on your needs, PVC windows and doors can have fixed glazing or be equipped with various opening mechanisms: hinged, tilt-and-turn, sliding, parallel-sliding, automatic, for convenient and economical technical solutions in premises of any purpose.
  • Color. The richness of colors, decors, and textures opens up wide possibilities for individual design. Pigments in the coating reflect infrared radiation, ensuring long service life of windows and doors.
  • Window design. There are optimal solutions for any type of facade and design, from classic to the most daring forms of windows and doors.
  • Maintenance. PVC windows and doors do not require special maintenance.
PVC Systems
PVC systems are widely used in the construction of new housing, the reconstruction of buildings and structures. They offer excellent operational properties and a good price-to-quality ratio, making housing more economical and comfortable. The variety of shapes and decorative finishes available means that windows made from PVC profile systems will fit perfectly into the interiors of different styles and become a real decoration of your home.
  • Durability. The material's operational properties are resistant to external environmental factors, making the constructions sturdy and economical.
  • Space-saving. Sliding systems save space, as the doors do not take up additional space, providing operational space.
  • Energy efficiency. Thanks to modern manufacturing technologies and components, PVC sliding doors are characterized by high thermal and sound insulation, increasing energy efficiency and ensuring comfort.
  • Mechanisms. Sliding doors can be equipped with various types of opening mechanisms, depending on your preferences.
  • Functionality. Constructions with sliding doors allow for various purposes and design solutions.
  • Design. The flexibility of the material has a significant advantage at the planning stage. It allows for the manufacture of structures of any complexity. Façade solutions and large glass areas with sliding doors provide maximum freedom in choosing structure shapes, safety, and the highest level of comfort. Sliding doors fit organically into any interior.
  • More natural light. A wide coverage area provides panoramic views and more natural light in the room.
Sliding doors (Portals)
Folding Doors
  • Space saving. This design divides the door into sections that fold onto each other when opened, maximizing space and providing convenience and comfort as the doors take up very little additional space.
  • Mechanisms. Folding doors are a set of panels that can vary in width, depending on preferences and purpose.
  • Functionality. Folding door constructions are versatile and can be used for various purposes and design solutions in almost any room, from living areas to wardrobes and storerooms. Additionally, these door structures can be used as partitions or screens.
  • Design. Folding doors have a modern design and sections can be enhanced with colored, matte, glossy, or textured glass. Thanks to a variety of profile and glass colors, folding doors perfectly complement interiors of different styles.
Aluminum windows and doors
  • The durability and strength of aluminum ensure a long service life for windows and doors. The material's operational properties are resistant to deformation. Special treatment provides resistance to high and low temperatures and corrosion. The service life can reach up to 80 years.
  • Energy efficiency. The aluminum profile, combined with a system of seals and energy-efficient glazing, keeps warmth in the house, significantly reducing heat loss and saving on heating costs.
  • Functionality. Depending on the function of the room, windows and doors are used in a wide range of opening types with practical components of comfort. You will find the right window for any application - from barrier-free and sound-insulating options to panoramic windows with the narrowest facade width.
  • Variety of shades and shapes. The aluminum profile allows for the creation of any shape, from classics to the most unusual shapes. Aluminum structures have a wide range of design possibilities thanks to the coating of aluminum profiles with different paints and textures.
  • Maintenance. Aluminum windows and doors are easy to use, maintain, and clean. They do not require regular repair.
Aluminum Structures
Aluminum Structures - are characterized by strength, reliability, and compactness. The technical specifications allow for the creation of structures of large sizes and any configuration, from simple windows, doors, partitions, to large projects for glazing of various complexity.
Aluminum showcases
  • Durability and practicality. The aluminum profile used as the frame for the showcase is strong and provides reliability for the structure, while maintaining slim architectural lines.
  • Energy efficiency. The thermally insulated aluminum profile and seals, combined with energy-efficient glass panels, retain heat and provide additional natural lighting, which significantly reduces heat loss and saves on additional lighting costs.
  • Operation. Aluminum structures do not require maintenance or repair costs. Their service life can last up to 80 years.
  • Functionality. The variety of technical possibilities of aluminum systems allows for the implementation of various architectural solutions on the object.
  • Design. Different types of windows, doors, and sliding structures can be integrated into showcases, making glazing versatile.
Sectional Garage Doors
  • Durability and reliability. The material used for the door panel is resistant to scratches and ultraviolet radiation, which ensures strength and a long service life.
  • Safety and reliability. The doors are equipped with a reversing mechanism that causes the panel to retract when encountering an obstacle, protecting against fingers getting caught in the door sections, rope breakage, and panel falls.
  • Soundproofing and thermal insulation are provided by 40mm thick sandwich panels with foamed polyurethane.
  • Usage. Sectional garage doors are manufactured up to 6m in width. There are doors of different configurations, whose style is ideal for every home.
  • Convenience. Garage doors are equipped with an automatic opening and closing system, providing additional convenience when in use. It is also possible to use manual control.
  • Custom design. A wide range of panels, the use of decorative window elements, will give garage doors a modern design. Full-screen panels can be painted in any color for any finish. More than 100 design options for door panels, surface textures, and colors are available.
Garage Doors
Garage doors are a practical and necessary part of modern homes that provide car owners with comfortable entry and exit. Sectional doors are one of the most popular types of garage doors on the market due to their practicality and reliability, especially when equipped with an automatic opening system. Sectional garage doors can also be used in storage rooms, parking lots, hangars, factories, and other commercial spaces. These structures combine cost-effectiveness, durability, and an attractive appearance.
  • Usage. The ease of installation and convenience of use allows roller blinds to be hung in any type of room.
  • Application. The design of roller blinds allows them to be used on both windows and doors.
  • Types. Roller blinds come in several types: day-night, roller, and cassette.
  • Construction. There are two types of constructions: open and closed. The choice depends on the needs and design.
  • Sizes. Roller blinds can be used for any window size. For non-standard windows, proper measurement is necessary.
  • Color. The color palette is represented by a wide selection of colors, which will help complement the interior decor.
  • Ability to adjust the degree of illumination of the room.
Roller blinds
Roller blinds are fabric sheets that, thanks to a special mechanism, roll up when lifted. This is a practical, stylish, and convenient way to decorate windows. There is a wide range of color options and different prints available to create a unique interior. Roller blinds are versatile and suitable for use in any type of room.
Roller blinds
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