Decking is a unique, modern building material used for comfortable and practical arrangement of terraces, pergolas, verandas, patios, porches, paths, piers and much more.
WPC decking is made of wood-polymer composite. It combines the best properties of natural wood and polymer materials. Thanks to them the board is durable, practical, resistant to moisture and frost and does not require special care. The presence of wood flour in the WPC composition (up to 70%) gives a beautiful appearance to the wooden flooring, a pleasant feeling of warmth and environmental friendliness. The construction of the decking made of decking boards:

  • Decking, double-sided profile width - 165 mm, height - 26 mm, length - up to 6000 mm;
  • End trim strip 50*40 mm;
  • Mounting rail 70*10 mm.

  • Decking made by extrusion method consists of crushed wood and environmentally friendly polymer (polyvinyl chloride). It combines all the best properties of wood and plastic. The external data of terrace decking corresponds to natural wood - color, texture, warmth and even smell. It does not require any paints, varnishes, oils or other treatments.

  • Finishing lath is a unique decorative material that can be used both in combination with other WPC products and as an independent element of finishing. The finishing lath is most commonly used as a structural element for terraces, as well as for interior and exterior decoration, as a base for garden parquet, etc.

  • The mounting lag is an auxiliary, but very necessary structural element necessary for the construction of terrace decking. Do not underestimate the importance of these auxiliary elements in the construction of terraces. After all, the quality and reliability of the entire finished construction depends on the rigid "geometry".

  • The colors of the decking are available to order:
Decking made of decking always looks aesthetically pleasing and stylish.
Terrace planking assumes flooring in the open air, so to its qualities have special requirements. Boards must be made of durable wear-resistant material, as they are constantly exposed to atmospheric moisture, sun, temperature changes, rough footwear.
Terrace board is used for decking:
  • Terraces, homesteads, cottages, and floors on roofs, balconies and porches;
  • Pathways around swimming pools, piers, piers;
  • The patios of cafes and restaurants;
  • As fences and fences (both decking and polymer vine can be used);
  • Flowerbeds of polymer vines;
  • Wicker pergolas from polymer vine.
  • The service life of WPC is 20 years. It is characterized by high mechanical strength and wear resistance, resistant to chemical reagents, resistant to insects, as well as the appearance of fungus and mold.
  • No deformation. Thanks to a special composition, the material is not afraid of moisture, does not dry out or crack, not afraid of temperature changes. Decking is recommended for use as a coating at swimming pools, summer sites and even saunas, without fear of cracking or other corrosion.
  • WPC absolutely does not need any special care, namely retouching and underpainting. You do not need to cover the board with varnish or paint, take care of the condition of its appearance. All you need is to properly install the decking according to the instructions and start using it.
  • Anti-slip material this property makes it safe for walking or running.
  • Easy installation and dismantling of WPC decking will save you from additional costs for the services of hired workers.

Ideal for convenience and economy:

  • Eco-friendly material and heat resistant material;
  • Life span of more than 20 years;
  • Anti-slip coating;
  • Choice of colors:
  • Pleasant to the touch;
  • Does not require additional care, painting or varnishing;
  • Not subject to rot;
  • Easy installation.
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